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Drainage Protection Systems (DPS)


Drainage Protection Systems (DPS)

Maintenance – Drainage Protection Systems

Drainage Protection Systems DPSDrainage Protection Systems (DPS) is in the business of maintaining devices associated with stormwater drainage systems. Our confined-space certified technicians are qualified to perform maintenance on installed catch basin filtration systems, large underground precast concrete oil/water separators, stormwater interceptors and urban water runoff collection structures of all sorts. Our program will eliminate guesswork, record keeping, or billing on the part of our customers. Plus, DPS assumes responsibility for the disposal of all collected materials recovered during the maintenance process per local regulations. In short, our knowledgeable staff and highly qualified technicians relieve the landowner of the worries of installation and maintenance of compliant systems.


Maintenance Services

Drainage Protection Systems DPSFederal, State and Local Regulations require that installed stormwater systems be maintained and serviced on a regular basis. This is to insure that the systems perform their task of removing harmful contaminants from urban runoff prior to their entry into our water resources. DPS can help you keep your system operating efficiently and thereby keep you in compliance.


Avoid unnecessary and costly fines.

Owners of properly installed filtration systems that meet the EPA Clean Water Act’s criterion of BAT (Best Available Technology) for prevention of pollution from stormwater runoff are not immune to fines! The most sophisticated equipment is only as good as the associated maintenance program. DPS offers an all-inclusive Preventive Maintenance Program that will insure that the owner remains in compliance; but, more importantly, that the installed system is efficiently performing its function and doing its part to clean up the environment.


DPS Will Issue a Certificate of Compliance.

Upon completion of each maintenance service, DPS will issue a Certificate of Compliance to the landowner or manager for their records. This provides notice to the responsible person that the system is being maintained.


DPS will perform the following services:

  • Provide a customized Preventive Maintenance Program to fit the particular system and needs and that complies with BAT and BMP criteria. At a minimum, the Program will include:
    • A review of the installed system and recommendations for future systems.
    • A mutually agreed upon contract which will detail the frequency, the scope and the cost of the program.
  • Perform periodic maintenance of the system by certified and highly qualified technicians, as per the agreement.
  • Disposal of all collected material from the site in accordance with local regulations.
  • Furnish a Certificate of Compliance to the landowner or manager at the conclusion of each maintenance service.
  • Maintain records of each installation and each maintenance service.


DPS is Fully Insured

To protect its customers, DPS carries liability and pollution coverage.


Confined Space Certified Technicians

Entry into underground oil/water separators, interceptors, etc., requires properly equipped personnel that are trained and certified in confined space operations. All DPS Technicians are confined space certified.



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