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Clark County, WA Accepts PerkFilter for use on Public Projects

(January 2016) The PerkFilter Media Filtration System has recently been reviewed and accepted for use on public projects in Clark County, WA. The PerkFilter has a GULD designation from WADOE for basic and phosphorus treatment and has been installed on several private projects, and it is now approved for use on public projects in Clark County as well. This acceptance comes as Clark County publishes the latest version of its Stormwater Manual, effective January 8, 2016.

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Maryland Department of the Environment Accepts Oldcastle PerkFilter

(October 2015) Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions’ PerkFilter Media Filtration System has been approved by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), Water Management Administration (WMA) for use as a structural practice for water quality treatment. For more information on the PerkFilter or for site specific details, please contact us.

Pierce County, WA Accepts PerkFilterfor use on Public Projects

(September 2015) The PerkFilter Media Filtration System has recently been reviewed and accepted for use within Pierce County, WA by the Public Works and Utilities Department for county road projects and private development projects involving public roads.  The PerkFilterhas a GULD designation from WADOE for basic and phosphorus treatment and has already been installed on many private projects, and it is now approved for public projects in Pierce County as well.  

The PerkFilter is a cartridge based media filter Best Management Practice for post-construction stormwater runoff control.  For more information on the PerkFilteror for site specific details, please contact us.

Simplifying Stormwater Detention Design with Precast Concrete and Hydrologic Modeling

(August 2015)  Join Laddie Fromelius and Doug Beyerlein, P.E. for a FREE webcast exploring underground precast concrete modular stormwaterdetention / retention systems; their design, installation, and maintenance best practices; and how you can design your system—using hydrologic and hydraulic modeling – to meet your stormwatermanagement, NPDES MS4, and Low Impact Development (LID) requirements.

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Dual Vortex Separator Receives NJDEP Certification

(August 20, 2015) Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions has received certification from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for its hydrodynamic separator, the Dual Vortex Separator (DVS), as an approved stormwater manufactured treatment device (MTD) based on recent laboratory test results.

DVS performance has been verified by the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT), one of the most comprehensive, rigorous, and recognized verification programs in the United States, and is now certified by NJDEP.

The DVS offers an innovative and economic alternative for BMP implementation…..

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StormCapture® Solves Problem for Luxury Apartment Complex

(February 5, 2015) Charlotte-based Proffitt Dixon Partners purchased a 2-acre site from the city of Charlotte for $3.8 million in 2013 and started construction in January 2014 to build a six-story luxury apartment complex located in uptown Charlotte at East Stonewall and McDowell Streets. With unparalleled views of the Charlotte skyline, the apartment complex will feature a two-level clubhouse, an elevated saltwater pool and a rooftop patio with skyline views. Full completion of the project is expected in 2015. The project engineer, Jeff Orsborn, P.E. with Orsborn Engineering Group in Charlotte explained the primary reason for using the StormCapture detention system in the parking lot…

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HydroCAD Partnership for Stormwater System Modeling

(February 3, 2015) StormCapture® and CUDO® system modules can easily be modeled with the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System, allowing simplified calculation of the system storage and infiltration behavior. The HydroCAD Chamber Wizard also performs automated StormCapture and CUDO system layouts, and simplifies the process of designing a system to meet specific storage and footprint requirements. HydroCAD® is a registered trademark of HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC.

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Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions PerkFilter Receives Approval from Virginia DEQ

(September 2014) Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions’ PerkFilter, a stormwater media filtration device, received approval for use to meet the new water quality design requirements of the Virginia Stormwater Management Program by the State of Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality (VA DEQ) on September 4, 2014. Read More...Complete PDF Release

Introducing TreePod 

(September 3, 2014) Resulting from over 5 years of development and marketplace feedback, Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions announces the introduction of TreePod, the newest biofiltration system for sustainable low impact design.

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Oldcastle Precast Inc. acquires assets of KriStar Enterprises Inc.

(January 7, 2014) Atlanta, GA - Oldcastle Precast Inc., a leading solutions provider for North American infrastructure projects, announced today that it has acquired the assets of KriStar Enterprises, Inc. The purchase includes three manufacturing locations in California and all related intellectual property, and KriStar's maintenance division, Drainage Protection Systems (DPS).

KriStar was founded in 1993 and has successfully developed innovative stormwater management products that meet the rigorous and evolving demands of Federal, State and local regulations. Oldcastle Precast will focus on marketing these solutions to regulators, owners, and civil and environmental engineers nationwide.

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