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Case Studies Part 2

Metro Fire Station #21, Nashville, TN

Products Installed: 24” & 36” Storm Capture® Detention System

Metro Fire Station, Nashville, TN Storm Capture Case Study

To detain stormwater runoff at the Metro Fire Station # 21, the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County elected to remove an above ground detention pond and construct an underground stormwater detention system to gain back valuable land for parking during the recent replacement of the facility.

Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions provided the heavy duty, compact stormwater detention system for this Nashville Fire Station.

The detention system was a portion of the overall project to construct a new 21,000 square foot Fire Station for Nashville’s Fire Department. Fire Station #21 is expected to achieve LEED Silver certification.

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Plant a Tree, Grow a Business Park

TreePod® Tree Box Filters Help Redevelop a Lost Neighborhood

By: Chusid Associates

The concrete biofiltration unit will be buried so the top is flush with the sidewalk, aligning the bottom of the curb inlet with the road bed.Two of the significant environmental challenges facing new construction projects are water conservation, and the handling of storm water runoff to remove pollutants. In a recent project in College Park, GA, the two are solved together in an elegantly linked plan. It is the first use in the southeastern US of the TreePod® tree box biofilter, a new product for storm water collection and primary treatment.

College Park, GA, a small city on the southern border of the metropolis of Atlanta, wanted to redevelop an abandoned residential neighborhood into a viable commercial district...

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